Monday, November 28, 2011


Welcome Back, friends!  I sure hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and time off from work and/ or school!

This week, we are focusing upon using context clues to discover the meanings of words in passages and texts that we may not know.  Context means the way in which the word is used, and clues are hints that a sentence may give us to the meaning of a words. 
HOMEWORK: completed in class - Ms. Frederick's reading class has the Context Clues Worksheet, but only her reading class.

We are focusing upon one of my very most favorite concepts: MAIN IDEA.  The main idea is what the text is mostly about.  We find main idea in works of nonfiction and our story for the week is one about the Titanic.  In Ms. Frederick's class, students completed the same lesson, but have different homework, which is: "Using Context Clues" worksheet and a "MAIN IDEA" Independent Practice worksheet.
HOMEWORK: Vocabulary words were passed out and the TESTS are Friday, per usual.  TONIGHT: Complete ONE activity from "Tic-tac-toe" and Exercise 1 worksheet.

Our WOW! Words this week are:

PS, Did you know that you can view this week's Wordly Wise (Lesson 4) vocabulary words on this website AND play games while practicing with words?!?  It's most DEFINITELY (see that WOW! Word in use?!?) worth a 'look-see'!!!
Ms. Frederick worked with the students on creating an organizer for building minerals and soil types.
HOMEWORK: reading passage

We reviewed multiplication by playing our game show.  Ashley was our big winner, chicken dinner!  Way to go!  She and Warren tied until we had a sudden death round where I gave them a 5-digit by 2-digit problem to complete and Ashley got it right for an extra 80 points!  Woooo Hooo!!!  Tomorrow, we start...DIVISION!!!!  YAAAAAAY!!!
HOMEWORK: none tonight, but be ready for LOTS of division practice to come here soon!

Have a magnificent Monday and I'll see you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

 Snacks will NO LONGER be allowed for students in MY homeroom.  There was an incident that has led us to these consequences.
Christmas is 27 days from today!
(Winter Break is only 14 school days away!)

Hanukkah begins 22 days from today
Kwanzaa begins 28 days from today!

New Years Eve is 33 days from today...YOWZA!

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