Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Welcome back, everyone after a nice day off!  Can you believe we only have 2 weeks until Thanksgiving?!?  Yikes!  Or should I say, "gobble, gobble!"?!!?

In class, we played a game with our success partners where we added prefixes or suffixes to a word to see how they changed the meaning of a word.

We read two different versions (one Greek, one Roman) of the same story about Ceres and Porsephina (Roman) or Demeter and Persephone.  It is believed by the Romans and Greeks that this story is the reason for our seasons here on earth.  Since our skills this week is focusing on comparing and contrasting, we did just that with the two stories.
HOMEWORK: Exercise 4 for our Vocab words.
**ALSO, we had MANY, MANY students NOT complete their role sheets for their Literature Circles.  With the idea of taking responsibility for our mistakes in mind, and knowing that after several warnings there would be consequences should we make this mistake, those students who forgot to complete their role sheets must complete one sheet for ALL 6 roles in a group independently.  It is not fair to those in the group who have completed their assignments to not be able to have group because others are not pulling their weight.  Thus, showing that we can be accountable, means we are going to show that we can complete all roles so that this does not happen again...right?!?  

Students are working on seasons with Ms. Frederick.
HOMEWORK: reading passage

We learned the LATTICE METHOD for Multiplication!!!  YAAAAY!  The students LOVE this method!  We had a GREAT time, so tomorrow, we will be participating in a multiplication GAME SHOW!!!  YESSSS!!!  Thank you for being such AWESOME mathematicians!!!
HOMEWORK; none tonight, BUT be ready for some tomorrow night!

Have an excellent night and remember, tomorrow is a NEW day!
Mrs. Thomas

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