Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good afternoon friends!  Today was yet another BEAUTIFUL fall day!!! 

I will not name names, but another class has 190 cans for the Hunger Heroes Food Drive THIS WEEK!!!  That means, they brought them all in yesterday and today!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!  We HAVE to destroy the competition by beating their total!!!  Think of all the smiles we will put on people's faces this holiday season...doesn't that alone make it worth it?!?

Also, don't forget about BOO-Grams from the 5th graders for $1!!  It is so cool to receive one from a friend AND to send one to a friend because it puts a smile on his/her face!  Thank you for mine today, Lauren...you made my day!!!

In reading, we began reading about planets in our solar system and previewing our passage for the week.  Our concept to focus upon is main idea and supporting details so even though it is a higher level skill and something a bit challenging, it is one in which we are really doing well and progressing nicely with!  We had this concept several weeks ago and I was BLOWN AWAY by how engaged we were with it and how quickly we caught on.  We really do have AMAZING and excited readers in our class!!!  For homework, please work on your new 'Wordly Wise' spelling packet and review your words and their definitions for your test on Friday.  PS, Did I tell you that EVERY SINGLE PERSON got above a 97% on our previous test?!?  Isn't that INCREDIBLE?!?

In math, we reviewed mental math and played a game from our "All Hands on Deck" series to reinforce adding and subtracting mentally.  Please review your basic addition facts at home with your parents.  It is a GREAT thing to do on your way to and from somewhere in the car!  Also, teach someone at home our card games we've been working on (Draw a card and either make the largest sum in addition, or the smallest difference in subtraction).   No homework otherwise!

Ms. Sharp sat in on all lunches today to observe how our new "paws in the cafeteria" system is working.  Unfortunately, we STILL got a yellow paw (even with her in there!). 

Mrs. Ingold had an emergency today so both classes came to our room and we watched Schoolhouse Rock: Government series (a blast from your past, parents!).  It truly was a blessing and a sweet sound to hear their laughter during all the songs.

You are all special to me!
Mrs. Thomas
PS, there's a new survey...go on and vote!

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