Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 10.27.10

Hello all,

I hate to start off with bad news, but I am concerned about our Fall Party!  We have pretzels, drinks, Skittles, Fruit Roll-ups, and a bag of apples...but sadly, that's about it!  We do have some money that was donated by parents, but we are still in need of sweet treats like cookies or cupcakes...and most importantly, the focus of our party: APPLES, CARAMEL, and the TOPPINGS (such as chocolate chips, M&Ms, sprinkles, etc.)!!!  If you are willing and able to send any of these items in, please let me know by tomorrow and send them in Friday with your student.  We are excited about our party and hope we can make it a blast and the best yet!  Thank you for all you do; I know there is A LOT going on right now!
Other REMINDERS: tomorrow and Friday are the last days for BOO-grams.  "Hunger Heroes Food Drive" continues until Friday, and our Fall Party is Friday at 1:30PM.  If you celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating in a costume, we would absolutely LOVE to see send them to me (email: and I will post it on our blog!!!  I cannot wait to see ya!
Wednesday folders were sent home today as were our very first REPORT CARDS!!!  Almost every single student received All As (Principal's List) or all As and Bs (Honor Roll)...WAY TO GO GUYS!!!  I'm so PROUD of YOU!!! These need to be signed and returned as soon as possible!
Today, we continued working on our 6-Room Poems.  We also started working on biography poems and learned that a biography is a story about someone else. 

In reading, we learned that an autobiography is a story about ourselves.  We are reading an autobiography called, "Author, a True Story" and are studying Author's Purposes for writing.  Remember to have you P.I.E. (Persuade, Inform, or Entertain)!  We also got to work in our reading groups on the mini laptops completing a WedQuest over our chapter books!  It is so much fun!  Tomorrow, we will begin writing our autobiographies.  Homework is reading for 15-20 minutes (PLEASE write it in your planner with the page number and have your parents initial next to it!), and practicing your 'Wordly Wise' spelling words from the packet.  As you learned last week, you MUST know their definitions and how they are used in sentences. 

In math, we again got to work in our math groups.  We are reviewing rounding, estimation, and Mental Math.  Our test over this chapter will be Friday.  Homework tonight is pages 31-36 in our WORKBOOKS.

We earned a GREEN PAW in lunch!

Finally, our last subject of the day was switching to Social Studies.  We have 2 worksheets from Mrs. Ingold to complete for Homework.  My Science class watched a video about plants and took notes and drew pictures about new information about plant's reproduction on white boards while watching.  We learned that bees play a very important part in the reproduction of plants because they carry pollen and seeds from one plant to another.  There is NO HOMEWORK for SCIENCE.

Remember to send back your AMAZING report cards (signed by your guardians) as soon as possible!  And get those Wednesday folders back by tomorrow!

I'm so proud of you!
Mrs. Thomas

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