Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today we began with a Morning Jumpstart and welcomed our new student, Madison!!  She moved here all the way from Washington and we are so thrilled she has joined our 'Owl'standing class! 

We had a GREAT time in Reading today!  To practice the skill of differentiating between Fact and Opinions, we did several activities in different groups.  Independently, we searched through kids' magazines to read articles and find and cut out examples of facts and opinions as represented in nonfiction text.  We then created an organizer and glued down each example we found.  In Reading Groups (with our Literature Circles), we created a "Fact and Opinion Clothesline."  For this, we used our reading group chapter books and located examples of facts from the text.  For example, in Charlotte's Web, it is a fact that the farmer kills pigs when it gets cold outside.  After we located a fact, we wrote OUR opinion about that fact so for the fact I listed, I would say, "I think it is really sad that pigs get killed.  Although I love bacon and ham, I wish the pigs could just live happily on the farm."  Finally, other groups met with me for practice with ORQ writing about truths and opinions in advertising.

In Math, we went back to Chapter 2 to begin Rounding.  We worked on number bonds (what two numbers can you break a whole number into - For example, 34 can be broken into 30 + 4 to make it easier to add.  If you then had to add 56, you could break it down into 50 + 6 and then you can easily add 30 + 50 in your mind which equals 80 and then 4 + 6, which equals 10.  You're now left with 80 + 10 which equals 90) and adding mentally.  We were a little shaky at first, but we are getting better.  Learning to add mentally takes time and comes with LOTS of practice...so WE WILL GET THERE!!!  Don't you worry!  :)

For specials we had Library and actually earned all 5 cotton balls!  YESSS!!!

Finally, our class switched to Mrs. Ingold for Social Studies where they watched a video about the roles of leaders in our government.  In my science  class, we went on a walk outside to find examples of things that are living, nonliving, once living, or both nonliving and once living.  We ran out of time before dismissal, so tomorrow, we will organize our items into these categories.  To my students, DO YOU remember examples of these?!?  Hopefully you can point out some examples around your house to your parents!

Have a great Tuesday evening!

Mrs. Thomas

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