Friday, October 1, 2010

Our WEG Girl... AND... Tales of THE Step Counter...

Our very own, Tabitha was in the opening ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games!!!  She has an absolutely amazing voice and we are so proud to have our very own local celebrity in our class!

Tabitha and Mrs. Thomas

We are so lucky to have her!


                       TALES OF THE STEP COUNTER:

Your student may or may not have told you about the new PE program from Ms. Timaji.  At the beginning of the year, Ms. Timaji gave every class a step counter.  Each month, the class with a high number of steps is drawn from a bag for a popcorn party, courtesy of Ms. Timaji.  Well, we want to win, win, win so we made it into one of our "Hooty Duties" and a different student gets to wear the step counter everyday each week.  This week, Alyssa was our step counter and boy, was she INCREDIBLE!!!  She really worked hard to make sure she got in plenty of steps.  Everyday, she had more than 30,000 steps which was between 17-23 miles!!!  Isn't that amazing?!?  Here's our girl with the ol' step counter...she's tap, tap, tapping away...

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