Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello all-

Due to a personal emergency, I had to leave school almost as soon as I got there.  The smile on your child's face when I saw him/her after the weekend though, sure was warm, welcoming, and a wonderful sight...I have tears now thinking of all of their love, care, and energy!  I really am blessed to have your child and love every single minute with him/her...I HATE missing school!

I do not have much to share except that our Reading class is starting a new Spelling series.  I did not feel that the words we were having before were quite the perfect match for us (something just did not feel quite right...or on their level) so I decided to go a different route; a route that could be more up to date and engaging and challenging for your student.  This series is entitled "Wordly Wise" and is most definitely in a different format than you may have gotten used to over the previous weeks of school.  This series emphasizes the correct meanings and usages of the words so that your child can dive into a deeper understanding of the context in which the word is used and applied through his/her reading.  By this, I hope to see our fluency with reading and comprehension soar to new levels!  The packet will be due Friday and we will be using it daily to create games with the words of focus.  I am so excited to see where we can go from here!

BOO GRAMS... DO NOT forget that the 5th graders will be selling Boo Grams everyday before school for $1 a piece.  Send one to everyone you can to help out their Washington D.C. Field trip!  If you send one to someone, chances are, you'll get one in return!  

ALSO, we are currently in 3rd place in the "Hunger Heroes Food Drive" so let's continue bringing in non-perishable items for our box!!!  We REALLY want to help out this AMAZING cause AND have some bragging rights while we're at it!

I missed you all so much today and I love you greatly!

Mrs. Thomas

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