Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FALL BREAK BEGINS...TODAY!!! Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!  We LOVE YOU!!!

Can you believe we are already at Fall Break?!?  Wow, time flies!!!  Do NOT forget that there is NO school the remainder of this week (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday)!  See you back here on Monday, October 11th! 

Since this afternoon marks the beginning of our Fall Break, we treated today like a Friday.  It is our GSE policy that there is "No new Teaching" on Fridays as it should be a day of review to keep all our content we have learned fresh on our minds.  Therefore, we DID switch for Math because Mrs. Thomas' math class needed to finish their Chapter 4 test, but we did not switch for reading. We are working very hard on it and we are all trying to get a '4'.  We had one more student earn a '4' for our 4 board...Ahmad!!!  Way to go AHMAD, we're sooo proud of you!!!  YOU ROCK!!! 

Instead of Reading, Mrs. Ingold's class and our class got a reward.  Because we have earned enough 'Paws for Compliments' from other teachers around the building, both classes got to watch a movie!  Group members from our Reading class WILL need to read a couple of chapters from their group's chapter book over the break, though!  After our movie, we went outside for Recess and then attended Computer for Special areas.

LUNCH BUNCH DID NOT take place today because of our talking and recent behavior.

This afternoon, we had Guidance with Mrs. Moses where we continued learning about the negative effects of bullying and what to do if we are being bullied or if we see someone else who is being bullied.

Finally, we ended our day with Book Buddies with Mrs. Hubers' Kindergarteners.  

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Fall Break!  I will miss each of you every day, thinking of you often, but happy to have some time off as well :)  I can't wait to see you again on Monday!

Mrs. Thomas

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