Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Doesn't it feel not so much like a Monday since we only have two days of school this week?!?  Fall is definitely among us!

First, I would like to congratulate Anthony and Caroline...they are our students of the month for September!!!  Way to go, guys!  You really are GREAT role models to your peers and exhibit qualities that are a positive influence on others!  I am SO proud of you!

Since it is a short week, we are working on reviewing concepts from last week and others from the previous weeks.  In reading, we continued reading, "Wolf!" from our Treasures Book where we are studying differentiating between fantasy and reality.  In Reading groups, we worked on our new Reading comprehension folders focusing on either, Main Idea, Problem and Solution, or Character Analysis.  Groups got to pick their activity!  One was creating a comic strip, another was using your hand to trace and retell the story with only 5 sentences, and another was creating a pocket chart.  There were 9 activities to choose from and all were really neat and very hands-on.  Groups also focused on grammar analysis of run-on sentences and completing their novel ties for their chapter book.  All group members will need to read from their group chapter book over fall break.  We'd like to start and finish a new chapter book within the groups before Winter Break.

My math class began their assessment over Chapter 4: Subtraction with borrowing and regrouping.  We did not get finished so we will be completing it tomorrow.

In Science, we took that time to work on our "Together we Can" writing pieces that are due to PTA before Fall Break to be in the contest. 

We are still working on our talking and volume level but things are getting better.  I love each of you and know you can succeed in being your best self!

Mrs. Thomas

PS, Check back later this evening and I will have some special pictures posted of things around our classroom!

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