Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi friends!  I hope your Thursday found you well and wonderful...especially on this GORGEOUS Fall Day!!!  We LOVED being outside really was delightful :)

In reading, we continued working on the concept of Fact and Opinion...however, we began new projects to reinforce our understanding.  Groups got a menu to choose from when selecting activities to do so there were NINE different options and a lot of different choices amongst all our reading friends.  It was great to see the students pick an activity that interested them most.  They also got to choose their Word Work activity where they practiced with their Spelling words and in this menu, they had EIGHTEEN choices!!!  It really was a lot of fun and I am confident we will have 28 scores of 100 or above!  Remember, Spelling Packets are due TOMORROW, and our Test is tomorrow as well.  Study, Study, STUDY!!!

For math. we FINALLY began groups that are modeled in the same way as the Reading groups...except we obviously are not reading, we are working on math...but we have an 'Independent Practice' station, a 'Math Groups' station for playing games and hands-on activities, a 'Guided Math with Mrs. Thomas' station where we clear up any misunderstandings and get some personal time for understanding with the teacher, a 'Success Maker' station where we work on a computer program that reinforces ALL math concepts, and a 'Real-World Math' station where we are presented with situations and problems we would see in real life like at restaurants, stores, the mall, etc.  Today, we had Success Maker, math groups, and independent practice. In math groups, we got to play a really fun subtraction game with playing cards.  For homework, the students are to completed pages 23 and 24 in their WORKBOOKS.

We did not switch for Social Studies today because we had Junior Achievement!  We learned about cities and how they are laid out through zones.  Ask your student about the AWESOME things he/she did when our representative came!

Have a great night and remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Mrs. Thomas

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