Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing break!  Did it go by fast or what?!?  I was so excited to see all my "lovelys" again...I really did miss them a lot!!!

This morning, we began (as usual) with a Morning Jumpstart.  Once completed, we finished our "Together we Can" reflections pieces for the PTA and then wrote about our Fall breaks.  I took pictures of everyone who said they went somewhere so check back later this evening for some pictures (I forgot my camera cord at home) to see how other kiddos spent their time!

Then, it was time to switch for Reading and we got our new Spelling words.  The coinciding packet is due Friday before the test.  We are making flashcards for each word with the definition on one side and the word on the other.  When studying with your student, please read aloud the definition and have him/ her spell the word that matches that definition, and on the next round, switch it and give the word while he/ she tells you the definition.  I really want us to practice these words by not only just spelling them, but knowing the meaning and how to use them in a sentence.  This coincides with our reading strategy we continously focus on: Context clues where we use the words around a vocabulary word or word we do not know to figure out the meaning to enhance our comprehension.   Our content focus in reading this week is Fact vs. Opinion.  A fact is something that can be proven, while an opinion cannot be proven.  Sometimes, we can get confused because we may feel something is a fact and we can prove it, but we have to remember that it typically is an opinion unless there is hard evidence.  For example, you might think pizza is the best food in the world and we can see you eat loads of it, but that still is not a hard fact that that is true.  We have to be able to go back 100 years from now and still prove that fact.  Therefore you must ask yourself, can it be proven?  The fact that George Washington was the 1st president of the United States is a proven fact as well as Garden Springs Elementary being located at 2151 Garden Springs Drive.  The story we read to reinforce this concept was, "What's in Store for the Future"?  We will be doing some exciting activities to teach understanding of this concept during the week!

In Mrs. Thomas' math class, we all FINALLY completed our Chapter 4 assessment of subtraction.  If your student's was not sent home before Fall Break, it was sent home today.  Please look over the test with your child and if any problem was missed, please have your child (on the test, next to the missed problem) explain why it was missed (what he/ she did wrong), re-work the problem, and then explain why it is now correct.  Also, please sign next to the grade to acknowledge you saw it.  By doing this things, I am teaching for learning to ensure your child sees success with this content and mastery of it as well.  It is near impossible to be perfect in math, so this is a process in which we learn from our mistakes.  I always tell the students that good mathematicians can observe mistakes in algorithms and correct them. Also, by correcting mistakes, we can learn from them!  There is NO homework for students in my math class...BUT...
Mrs. Ingold's math class is now on Chapter 2: Estimation and Mental Math (we previously skipped over chapter 2 and are now going back to it) and those students DO HAVE HOMEWORK: pages 19 and 20 in the WORKBOOK.

For specials today, we had Explorium with Mrs. Mullins.

Our class FINALLY got to switch to Mrs. Ingold's for Social Studies where we will begin learning about communities and our responsibilities as citizens.  Mrs. Ingold's class is now coming to me for Science as we begin learning about Unity and Diversity (Life Science).  The students today began brainstorming about "Who or what is a Scientist?" and what makes something living. 

I hope everyone has a GREAT night and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Mrs. Thomas

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