Thursday, October 21, 2010

Terrific Thursday

Howdy all!

WOWee...are we ever loving some BOO-grams?!?  We are having so much fun sending them to friends and receiving them!!!  Remember, 5th graders will be selling them tomorrow and throughout next week for $1.
Here I am AGAIN to nag, nag, nag about bringing in cans for our "Hunger Heroes Food Drive"...BUT we had at least 40 cans come in today!!!  If we do that tomorrow, there's NO doubt that we will be nipping at the heels of our competition!

In reading, the students decided they would like the time to work on Independent Practice instead of switching with groups so they could complete their Main Idea mobiles for our story, "Planets in our Solar System".  The mobiles REALLY turned out GREAT and the students did a wonderful job identifying the main idea and finding details from the text that supported it...I'm IMPRESSED!  Tonight, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY those Spelling words from the "Wordly Wise" packet AND their definitions.  Tomorrow, I will give the test by stating the definition and you will have to identify and correctly spell the word!  Also, your packets will be due to turn in.

In math, we continued our practice with rounding and then played our card game.  We had 3 different winners today...way to go, guys!!!  Homework is completing Workbook pages 28-30 if you did not complete them in class.  Mrs. Ingold's math class needs to complete Textbook page 63. 

We earned a GREEN paw in the cafeteria today...WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Finally, we did not switch to Mrs. Ingold for Social Studies today because we had Junior Achievement with Mr. Barnes.  We again learned about how cities are laid out through zones and even got to design our own three-dimensional building and put it into a city.  Our assignment for next week is to come up with a name for our city.  Check back then for pictures :)

Tomorrow, we have LUNCH BUNCH, Guidance, AND Book Buddies with Mrs. Hubers' Kindergarten!

Mrs. Thomas

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