Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Hump Day 10-20-10!

Hello all!

What another BEAUTIFUL Fall day!!!  Hope everyone is out enjoying the sunshine!  A couple of announcements...
Due to several Reading logs getting misplaced in transition from home to school, our class will be getting rid of the paper form of Reading logs.  From now on, PLEASE write the book in which your student read from, and the pages that were read in his/her planner. This MUST be written by the parent and then initialed by that record.  This will not only eliminate missing logs, but will cut down on things to locate to sign at home and save paper!  I will be checking planners daily to see that reading time was recorded and signed by a parent.  Please also continue to sign by behavior if not on green and at the bottom by my signature to note you acknowledged homework assignments. 
Picture Retakes are scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th. 
DO NOT forget to bring in cans if you are able to do so!  We are getting very competitive and would LOVE to be the Heroes of Hunger!
5th graders are still selling BOO-Grams and will continue to do so through the 29th.  Bring in your $1 to send some special greetings to your friends!

In reading today, we began reading our story, "The Planets in our Solar System".  It is a great nonfiction passage that we are learning a lot from...our planets really are soooooo COOL!  With this passage, we are working on the concept of Main Idea and supporting details.  To practice this concept, we are creating a mobile.  Ask your student about our project we worked on!  Continue working on "Wordly Wise" spelling packet and studying for our test on Friday.  Don't forget to read your 15-20 minutes and also remember that your group's chapter books need to be finished by this week or Monday of next week!

In Math, we learned how to round and what gives us the most reasonable estimate.  We discussed which gives us the most reasonable answer when choosing to round to the nearest hundreds or tens.  We always have to remember to first locate the number in which we are rounding and then look at the number in the place value digit directly to the right of it.  We also then must remember the rhyme, "4 or below, let it go...5 or above, give it a shove!"  This was a challenging concept so we are moving slow.  I did not feel comfortable giving homework since practicing it independently still pretty tough.  Please model practicing some estimating in everyday life like at the gas station, grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.  We use it everywhere without hardly noticing so let's point it out when we do so our students can see that this is a real-life skill!  :)

In Science, we began studying Structure and Function.  A structure is a part of something and the function is what it does.  To emphasize this concept, we got in groups and traced the outline of one group member onto bulletin board paper.  We then labeled as many structures on their bodies as we could (legs, hands, eyes, ears, feet, etc.) and explained the function of each (to walk or hold us up, grabbing things, seeing, hearing, walking, etc.).  Tomorrow, we will compare our structures to the structures of plants and see the similarities and differences.  No homework.

You are all extraordinary!
Mrs. Thomas

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