Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello's Wednesday!  Be sure to check below for Bob's first adventure with Micah.  Bob is our stuffed owl that will be going home on journeys with students and keeping a journal of his adventures.  The student will report daily on our blog what Bob has to say about his experiences!
We began our day by finishing Charlotte's Web which was our PAWS reward from yesterday.  In reading, we were unable to make Stone Soup since we did not have all of our ingredients (my fault...I went to the grocery last night, but did not pick up beef broth which is essential to the making of the soup!).  We were able to work in our group rotations today. For homework tonight, please complete the "Even More Inferences" worksheet and turn in at the start of class tomorrow.  Also, continue studying your spelling words and their definitions!

In math, we continued our focus upon word problems.  We must remember to fully read the questions asked of us several times to ensure we understand what is required to do.  Most problems require more than one step to solve the equation.  Tonight for homework, complete pages 78-80 in your WORKBOOK.  **It says in the instructions to use a bar model to solve, you DO NOT have to draw a bar model...just complete the problems.  Remember, most have more than one step!!**

We had an AWESOME report from P.E. today which makes me so happy!  AND...we earned a GREEN paw in lunch again...wooooo hooooo!!!  Finally, we worked on our On-Demands that are due on Monday to Ms. Sharp.  We are really coming along with our idea development and elaborating by putting our thoughts onto paper so our readers can maintain interest throughout the piece. 

Thank you for being you!
Mrs. Thomas
Thanksgiving is 8 days away!

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