Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...aaaaannnd, I'M BACK!!!  Whew!  I am so happy to be able to be back and with my wonderful students!!!  I really have missed everyone so much...it's been lonely being sick!

We began the day by having spring...errr... FALL cleaning!  With so many absences recently, I decided we needed a thorough clean down from top to bottom over the entire room.  We cleaned every last inch of this classroom so germs don't stand a chance against us any longer!

Next, during reading, the students got back their spelling tests from last week and their lesson 4 packets.  I know that a spelling packet was sent home yesterday...BUT...unfortunately, that was the wrong packet.  Therefore, the students can get some easy credit for that packet (the easy one, as we call it) as it is due by this Friday but also MUST complete the normal (and more challenging) 'Wordly Wise' packet.  The test will be over the 'Wordly Wise' packet and the definitions.  We spent reading class time getting caught up on some things and began our new story.  This week, we will again be studying making inferences and using clues to determine answers that the author may not state directly for us.  We have no become "Reading Dectectives" and even came up with code names for ourselves.  I am Ybba Masmoht.  Ask your student what his/her code name is!  My favorite was Liagiba, Repooc, and Notyep.  We had so much fun...and a special activity is planned for the end of the week :)

In math, we began our assessment over Chapter 5: word problems and will continue working on it tomorrow.

Finally, we did not have Social Studies or Science because of the chorus concert.

I am so happy to be back!
Mrs. Thomas

Christmas is 25 days away!!!
(Winter Break is in 17 days!!!)

Hanukkah begins tomorrow!

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