Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Happy Terrific Tuesday, Friends!!!

I hope our fabulous day has found you well!  What a BEAUTIFUL fall day!

We began our day by getting together our Thanksgiving Turkey...he's so cute!  Stay tuned for pictures to come!  We then moved to writing and began drafting a senses poem.  I think they are going to turn out GREAT!

In reading, we took our fall performance assessment.  Only a few got completed and we already have THREE '4s' on the ORQ!!  Way to go Alyssa, Caroline D., and Olivia!  We will be completing this assessment tomorrow and getting in our new reading groups.  For homework, please read the SECOND CHAPTER of your new chapter book from your groups.  Also, DO NOT forget to study your words and work on that packet!

In math, we continued our rounding assessment, and then coached our ORQ up to a 4.  NO homework tonight!

We earned a green paw in lunch!

Finally, we transitioned to Science and Social Studies.  There is NO HOMEWORK in either!

Have a GREAT night!
Mrs. Thomas

16 days until Thanksgiving!

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