Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello all-

What a beautiful fall Wednesday we have amongst us!  I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the weather!  Today, we continued working on our senses poems...they are really coming along and it is nice for the students to see the progression through the drafting stage of writing.

In reading, we had to take time to finish our performance checks.  Most students got this completed today and we will be able to resume as usual with our groups.  All groups need to read the next chapter in their reading books.  You should be finished with the 3rd chapter by tomorrow.  Also, do not forget to study your spelling words and their definitions.

In math, we also had to complete our performance assessment today as well.  We should be finished with them by tomorrow!  (Finally!)

We had music today for specials AND we earned another GREEN paw in lunch!

Finally, we switched for Social Studies.  There is NO HOMEWORK in that subject tonight. 

You are all maginificent!
Mrs. Thomas
15 days until Thanksgiving!!!

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