Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Let's STAY healthy!  Wash those hands!

I'm so sorry about not posting Monday!  I left early with a sore throat :(

As this season is now upon us, let's all remember to be very conscientious about our health by wearing warm outer layers in the mornings to school; washing our hands after being outside or anywhere near things other people have touched, before and after eating, and several times throughout the day; getting adequate rest; and maintaining good personal hygiene.  I want us all to have safe, healthy, and happy fall and winter seasons. 

This morning, we began our 3rd grade Fall testing.  This is an excellent practice assessment that is much like the spring CATS testing that we do, except with the ORQs!!  The students were really the end they were a little 'antsy', but they pulled it together and got the Reading Comprehension and Language sections complete.  We are building great testing stamina!  Tomorrow, we will take the Math portion.  We took a break between the Reading comprehension and Language sections to relieve some stress and get out our wiggles.  Therefore, the students of course wanted to do "Freeze Dance" so of course, we did 'the Dougie'.  It's so much fun! 

our beloved John Wall doing "The Dougie" at his NBA practice.

Due to a very bad report of behavior from Ms. Long, we had to have Silent Lunch :(

At the end of the day, we redid an On-Demand prompt.

Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow!
Remember, tomorrow is a new day!
Mrs. Thomas

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