Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Veteran's Day everyone!  We LOVE all our of Veterans and are so appreciative of your bravery and willingness to serve for our country!!! 

In reading, we had a GREAT time reading the folktale, "Stone Soup".  We learned that folktales are stories passed down orally from generation to generation.  The story was also a fantastic lesson where we learned that it is important to work together to accomplish a task and establish a working community.  The stones were not actually important to the soup, but were an intriguing concept that the monks used to peak interest in what they were doing so people would end up working together.  It worked, and a delicious soup was made!  We are hoping to make the same 'stone soup' from the story as an activity during class next week...however, we need many ingredients.  Below is the list of items that are needed to make stone soup (we only need a very, very small amount of any item since there are so many!):

1) 3 round/smooth stones
2) 5 big onions
3) carrots
4) salt and black and red pepper/ spices
5) baby corn
6) mung beans
7) noodles
8) bean curd
9) garlic
10) cabbage
11) yams
12) dumplings
13) soy sauce
14) tomatoes
15) mushrooms
16) lily buds
17) chives
18) ginger root
19) pea/ bean pods
20) winter melon
21) celery
22) bread/ buns/ sweet bread (King's Hawaiian)
23) rice
24) lychee nuts

PS, Don't forget to study, study, study the spelling of your words and their definitions tonight!  Packets are due by TOMORROW before the tests!

We are so FULL of thanks! (Our new door display for Thanksgiving)

For math, those of us who did not have a '4' on our Chapter 2 assessment's ORQ rewrote it to make it a 4.  Almost everyone finished with a 4!  Whew!  The students who earned a 4 were able to play a new game with me called, "The 18th Hole". No homework this evening!
We were so excited to have all of our guests at lunch was AWESOME!  Thanks for coming, everyone!  AND...we earned a GREEN paw!

Finally, Mr. Barnes came and it was such an amazing lesson!  We learned about how money works and even got to write our own checks and deposit slips.  We even got to work in companies and see what it was like to live as a responsible consumer or working adult in today's society.  It was wonderful!  Sadly, it was his last day :(  We have had so much fun with him!  Thank YOU, Mr. Barnes, for all of your fun lessons and for doing so much for us!  We REALLY appreciate everything and are very sad to see you leave!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY...yeaaaa!!!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is ONLY 2 weeks from today!!!

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