Monday, November 15, 2010


Happy Monday all!

Alonna and Fuzzy
Whew, it was a busy, busy day!  Alonna absolutely made my day right off the bat by giving me a "Build-a-Bear" owl that she had made me over the weekend.  It even talks!!!  I love, love, loooooove it and Elizabeth Turner Thomas, Fuzzy, for short became our new class mascot.  She went everywhere for us, the kids love her, I love her, and she absolutely warms our hearts!!!  Thanks are AMAZING!!!

Our new class mascot!!!

I love her!

In reading, we got to get back in our reading groups and on our normal schedule.  Tonight for homework: please complete your Inferences packet and begin working on your Spelling packet that is due on Friday.

In math, we began our new chapter over using bar models.  We will not be using much of these as they can tend to be pretty confusing, (more than helpful) so we will just be focusing on word problems as they involve complete real-world applications. Word problems are a complex mathematical skill that involve setting up problems on our own and reading deeper to figure out the meaning behind what we are asked to do and to find.  We had a rocky start today, but I am confident we will see much success as we learn and go on our journey through this concept! 

We got to have LUNCH BUNCH today!  And finally, after lunch and our Wellness Walk, we worked on one of our On-Demands for this month with Mrs. Ingold's class. 

Have a terrific Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is 10 days away!!!

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