Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

I hope everyone got to (or gets to) enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!  We have certainly been blessed with all of our fantastic weather.  I must admit though, I AM ready for fall like about you?!?

Fridays are ALWAYS very busy so we got off to a slow start and were pretty amped up about the weekend.  Therefore, the students engaged in silent reading time to get back on track...they are so enthusiastic about so many things :)  I am so blessed to have such wonderful, caring, and charismatic students! 

In reading, we took our spelling test and then our definitions tests.  We also got back our definitions tests from last week and made corrections to learn from our mistakes and get half credit back to our score.  These will be sent home with their final grade for your review on Monday.  This took the majority of our time so we then watched a movie/ cartoon portrayal of "Stone Soup" (our story from yesterday) and made text-to-text connections between the story and the movie as we observed many differences.  It was awesome seeing how much the students remembered from the story and were able to point out that was not present in the cartoon or was different.  They really are comprehending what they are reading! 

In math, I believe Fridays are a day for assessments or review...and with that review, comes GAMES!  I introduced a NEW game today called, "Baseball Addition" which is adapted from "Baseball Multiplication" that I played with my 4th graders in previous years.  The class was split into two groups.  Each group had a turn at bat.  Batting was rolling 4 die and depending on the sum of the numbers shown on all the die, the students got to move bases...a single was rolling a sum of 10-14; a double was a sum of 15-19; a triple was a sum of 20-23; and a HOMERUN was a sum of 24.  Also, an out was getting a sum of 4-9.  We had so much fun playing and the students really got some great practice with adding mentally!  I cannot wait to do it with subtraction!

We had computer for specials and then got to eat lunch in the room because of the PTA Reflections Awards.  Mrs. Moses came in for Guidance where we learned and practiced having polite and respectful conversations with people.  We learned it is extremely important to maintain appropriate eye contact with the person in which you are speaking with as well as having good listening ears. 

While Mrs. Moses was in, our Reflections winners went to their awards ceremony in the cafeteria.  Congratulations to Abby, Ahmad, Alyssa, Lauren, Lisa, and Tabitha for being our class winners!  We are soo proud of you!!!

Our PTA, "Together we Can" Reflections Writing Piece Winners!!!
 Finally, we ended a GREAT day with Book Buddies with Mrs. Hubers's class. 
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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