Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bob's Adventures with AbbyLou

Day One-
To start the day with Abby, we got on the daycare van...I swiched seats 3 times!!! Finally, when we got seated we read what I did last week.  A few minutes after that there were speed bumps...Abby and I loved them on the van!  After that, we had snack at daycare. I loved the goldfish! Then, Abby`s dad picked us up. When we got home, Abby made me a hammock to rest in. It is so cool!!!!!! Abby got her old see through hat, tied silly bands to it, then tied the other side to her bed.  I absolutely loved it.

Then, we picked up Abby`s little brother`s babysitter and dropped her off at Abby`s house. We went to the movie theater to see Harry Potter...I've heard it's the newest and best movie out!  When we got seated in the movie theater, I got scared but Abby calmed me down. The movie was AWESOME!  I'll have to read the books.  When we got home, no one was hungry so we went to bed.

Day Two-
Today, Abby asnd I went to singing lessons.  Micah really got my music big itching so I loved it...they were a blast!  Before I know it, I will be able to run a one man band!  :)  Then, we went shopping and I especially loved seeing all the people!  There are so many of you humans!  And what an interesting concept, buying things you need instead of hunting for them...whoa!  For lunch, I had something called a doughnut...it was sweet and oh so very delicious.  I want one everyday, but apparently, they're kinda bad for me.  After a few hours, we had dinner.  I begged Abby for some more of those Goldfishy cracker thingys I had yesterday and she gave me some!  yum...yum!  Afterwards, we watched Toy Story3.  I have to say, I was NOT a fan of the way the kids treated the toys...I mean, can YOU imagine?!?  Terrible.  Finally, Abby's dad made popcorn and cookies for the movie, "A Christmas Carole" which was awesome too!  After as busy day, I was beat and it was time for bed.  Talk to you tomorrow!

Day Three-
I had the BEST time today...but I did mostly sleep!  I played with Abby's little brother, Jacob so that's why I was sound asleep...little booger wore me out!  What energy!  I got to go to Abby's grandparents' house (Mama and Papa) and played with Caleb and Jacob.  That wore me out too!  Next up: a visit with Caroline...apparently, we are going to NEW YORK!!! 

Can't wait to report back soon!
Hoot!  Hoot!

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