Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bob's Adventures - Day One with Micah (11.16.10)

     As I go home from school with Micah, I walk into her bedroom and she makes me a place to stay while I am at her house.  She and I look around for a place for me to stay.  I spot something with my owl eyes and I say, "How about I sleep by your shelf ?" "Oh Bob,you spot everything! That place will be great!" she says in reply to me. I then fly down and fix the curtain, which is white and has flowers on it.  Micah puts a pillow down so I can be comfortable.  "Good! The curtain is a backround and the pillow is my bed!" I tell her.  I fly down to my new bed to see how it is. "Wow!I love it!" I proclaim as I add a pot that has a fake flower near my bed. "Looking good!" she calls to me as she watches.
     "Hey, Bob, it is snack time!" At that, Micah and I rushed to the kitchen and came back with a stuffed animal mouse for me to eat.  I gobbled it up!  "Yum, yum!"  I assure her, "that was gooooood!  Thank you!". 
     "You're welcome!" she said cheerfully.  We smiled at each other like happy newborns.  Then, I hear Micah's mom, "Micah, it's time for piano lessons!"  Whoa, I've never played piano before!  "Okay," she replies and she takes me out of the house to her mom's waiting car.  We drive to her piano teacher's house and I meet her.  Her name is Allison Powell and she is very nice.  Micah assures me that she will like me when she sees I am a bit nervous.  Together, we walk to her steps and ring her doorbell and she soon answers the door.  We got to play, "Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer"!  After a quick 30 minutes, it was time to go so we said, "bye!" and drove home. 
     Thankfully, it was dinner time and we had fish which was very, yummy!  After dinner, I really wanted to watch TV, so we watched, "the Waltons".  I really liked that TV show and the character I loved the most was the mom of the family.  Actually, I really liked the whole family, but the mom was my favorite.  Micah's dad then asked us if we wanted a cookie.  "Sure!" we excitedly replied.  We went to the kitchen and ate the cookie was gooooood!  After gobbling it up, we went back to watching some TV and soon, it was time for bed.  I watched as Micah brushed her teeth and wondered what that felt like?  When she was done, she carried me to her room and into our beds.  Boy, I sure was sleepy!  She even put me to bed and gave me a kiss goodnight...she is so sweet!  I hope I can stay with her again!  "Goodnight" she soothed as I got tucked in, but I heard her in my dreams because I was already sound asleep!  "Oh Bob, you fall asleep fast!" and before we knew it, it was morning.  See you tomorrow, and Micah, 'Owl' always love you!

Hoot, hoot!

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