Friday, November 19, 2010

Bob's Adventures - Days 2 & 3 (with Micah)

Micah took me to her home today after school and she immediately started on her homework.  She got done as fast as lightning!  Then, she took me with her to her friend's house on her bike.  Her name was Lisa Madden.  Micah,Lisa, and me made a house for shelter. We gathered sticks, twigs, and bark to make a roof for our house. We saw a tree near the fence and put the sticks and twigs and put them slanted on the fence to the tree.  Soon, Micah had to go so I went back with her on her bike and to her house. She said, "It is VERY cold!" I really did not think it was cold at all, though!  Soon, we got back to her house and went in.  She told me that people and friends were coming to her house and also said that I have to use polite manners.  I hugged Micah tight like I was never going to let go.  I think she is nice, caring, and loving...oh,don't forget that she is also...F-U-N, FUN! Then, the sound of a honk broke my thoughts of Micah and I grabbed her hand,"What's that?" I asked. "Oh, it is a person," Micah replied. She ran to the door without me...but soon ran back and grabbed me in her arms and came back to the door. We saw people coming and then Micah said, "Bob, you maybe need to eat something before they come in." "Okay, I will!" I said.  Me and Micah rushed to the kitchen and Micah quickly got me a stuffed mouse like I had had before.  I gobbled it was DELICIOUS!  I have had so much fun with Micah!  I cannot wait to experience new adventures with someone else this weekend!

Hoot Hoot!

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