Thursday, November 18, 2010


Is it just me, or has this week gone by super fast?!?  I LOVE that feeling!

We were really down on size today...we had SIX students absent!  YIKES!  Therefore, something is obviously going around and well, it has hit us HARD so here is your formal warning to wash those hands, get plenty of rest, bathe daily, and take those vitamins!  I sure miss my kiddos when they're not here!

I made a big 'boo-boo' and forgot to bring in the slow cooker to make our stone soup in reading :(  I'm sorry guys, I PROMISE, we will make it tomorrow!  In reading, we worked on getting a '4' on our ORQ that we've been getting coached on and have been working with in small group time with me this week.  Groups were also able to meet and go through their literature circle roles.  Students who did NOT get their multiple choice portion done of the quiz need to complete it TONIGHT for HOMEWORK.  Also, study, study, study those spelling words and their definitions!  The packet is due tomorrow. 
On that note, please review ALL of the packet tonight with an adult at home (and I mean, every single question on every single page).  As I am reading through your packets and grading them, I am seeing some very careless mistakes that can be avoided by simply reading the directions and double-checking your work. 

There were several students who did not do their math homework last night either :(  Come on guys, it was only THREE problems and the workbook walked you through each step.  You NEED to be practicing this concept of word problems at home.  You will never get better until you practice, practice, practice!  No one is perfect at something the first time...if we were, we'd all be rocket scientists and doctors!  No homework tonight, but there may be a quiz tomorrow...hint hint!

During Science and Social Studies time, we again worked on completing our On-Demands for Ms. Sharp that are due on Monday...boy, what a PROCESS they are!!!  Be sure and check back tomorrow for Bob's blog about his last night with Micah tonight.  He will be traveling home with someone else over the weekend and we can't wait to hear about what all he got to do!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK from TODAY!!!

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