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EEEEEEEEKK!!!  I forgot to post yesterday...ahhhh!!!  It was a hectic afternoon and I simply and completely forgot to touch base with all of you about our day...I am so, so sorry!  I really hate when something this important slips my mind because it is my duty as an educator to keep you informed of our happenings in the classroom from subject to subject and from day to day.  As always, if you have questions about homework or our anything going on around 4th grade or room 105 and they cannot be answered from the blog, please email me.  My school email is hooked up through my phone so I see them as soon as I get them (as long as I'm still awake!)...I always want our lines of communication to stay open!

With that said, let's get into our day today...

students reviewed all types of figurative languages from our focus for the past week (similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, personification, and alliteration).  They redid the "Alien" activity independently and traded with a partner.  Next, they got into 5 groups and went through poetry stations: 1) Poetry Response: read and respond to a poem; 2) Alliteration: look for words in magazines with same beginning sounds to paste on paper.  Create a poem using these words; 3) read through poems and find examples of similes and metaphors - write examples on page; 4) personify something around the room and create a silly poem; and 5) Onomatopoeia Activity Menu: choose one activity to create onomatopoeia.  We had a GREAT time!  Poetry is so fun!
P.S. I sent a letter home today about myself and how Reading instruction runs in my classroom.  Please take time to read over it and please contact me should you have any questions or concerns!
HOMEWORK: Complete Exercise 3: "Applying Meanings" and Exercise 4: "Word Study" for vocabulary words tonight.  Remember, for additional practice and interactive games and emphasis, visit:

**Last night, homework was Exercises 3&4 and complete ONE activity from the "Think-Tac-Toe" activity bank.

our WOW! Words (this week's BONUS vocab) are:

We are continuing to review multi-digit multiplication because the students are having extreme difficulties with mastery of basic math facts which then is a snowball effect because they cannot complete the process when adding additional digits.  Please continue working with your student at home on this.  We are past the point of it just being a minor is now a MAJOR concern.
HOMEWORK: Students have a paper of multiplication problems we worked on in class, folded in half - they must complete the bottom half of SIDE A (18 problems).

Yesterday, Ms. Frederick had the students working on a condensation experiment/ activity with Lemonade to enhance their focus upon states of matter (they even got to drink it when they were done!).  Today, the students read about chemical and physical changes. 
HOMEWORK: bring something in that you can change through a physical change or a checmical change, but be ready to identify which.  Bottom line: bring in SOMETHING!

The students are learning what it means to have linking words and how they connect two thoughts in writing.  Many know these as transition words with examples such as first, next, last, second, furthermore, after that, afterall, therefore, then, finally, last but not least, eventually, etc.  We practiced with these by adding them to our 4-square organizers we've been learning about and using this week as we are in the developing stages of writing.

Data Results and Conclusion segment for Science Fair projects were due TODAY
Mrs. Edwards is collecting money for Science Fair boards (cost is $3.00)
our first VOCABULARY test (in MY reading class ONLY) is this Friday, January 13th

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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