Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello all and Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is FRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAAAAAY!  YAY!  I do not know about you, but I thought that this week seemed long, long, looooonnnnng.  REMINDER: We DO NOT have school on MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 in honor of Martin Luther King Junior celebrations.

We completed our reading centers from yesterday and went over our skills from poetry this week.  I am sorry about the assignment from homework last night.  I did not see on the instructions where the students needed word lists from weeks past and had I seen it, I surely would not have assigned it!  I am so sorry for any of your struggles or worries!  Please know that while I expect homework to be complete, I understand it's not always easy without me here to help, so I am happy to help a student who may struggle.  Thus, if you get stuck on something at home, please pleeeeeeeease do not get upset or worried; simply put a star by the questions or problems and send it into me with your student for the following morning and we will go over it!  I definitely do not want homework to be a frustrating issue and LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE to see the initiative of students who ask for shows care and a drive to succeed and thus, I am happy to help!
HOMEWORK: please complete the Lesson 6 sheet sent home in Take-Home folders today AND study words for first vocabulary test TOMORROW!

Mrs. Plummer came in to teach math today in MY math class because I had to head to a quick appointment.  She left a list of good behavior and I am happy to report that almost every single person made the list!  YAY!  Ms. Frederick's math class reviewed division, while mine: 3-digit by 2-digit multiplication.
HOMEWORK: none in mine OR Ms. Frederick's math classes!

Ms. Frederick worked with the students on chemical and physical changes of matter. 
HOMEWORK: ALL students MUST bring in something that you will be able to change chemically OR physically.
ALSO, Many, many students have not turned in the portion of the Science Fair assignment that was due ON TUESDAY!  This is the "Data Results, Analysis, and Conclusion" sheet/ portion of the experiment.  Please get those to Mrs. Edwards BY TOMORROW.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are continuing to work on the prewriting stage of organizing our main idea and supporting details.

Be sure to tune in to the news this evening and tomorrow morning.  We are under a winter weather advisory and roads and travel conditions may be unsafe or hazardous.  Unless you see a report that we are closed, just come on in to school!  You know the drill ;)  Is it going to be our very first snow day of this school year?!?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...mother nature is a tricky little lady!

I again want to thank all my students for their care and concern all are so sweet and I love you greatly!  Baby Jack sure is loved!
Mrs. Thomas

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