Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, we had a rough start to our day...

See, we took our text over our first of the different informational text structures which was chronological order (a.k.a. sequencing) and the students didn't do so hot.  It wasn't that they didn't know the content, (which they do) it was that they DID NOT READ THE TEXT!  How can you take a reading test and not read the text that the test is over?!?  Ahhhhh!!!  We had to have a pow-wow and revamp our focus and our attention to details because well, it was not pretty at all!  Especially for a test in JANUARY!  I urged the students in knowing that I was disappointed because I know how capable they are and how much I expect out of them because they are so very capable and so very smart and don't want them to settle for ANYTHING less than their personal best!  They can just do so much and there is NO limit to the possibilities for their futures!

We were redeemed, though, because we next had to take an assessment over multiplication and division and the students did SO, SO well!  They were getting almost every single multiple choice question correct!!!  Wahooooooo!!!  I am pumped that they are so pumped about division and are loving it so much!  I hope all of our math units can have this enthusiasm!  Next up: FRACTIONS!

Happy BIRTHDAY, TYLER!!!!!  We love you so much and hope your day is the special one that you deserve on Sunday!!!  And good luck at your basketball game on Saturday!  You and Blake behave riding in your limo...we want pictures!!!
Everyone have a terrific weekend and be ready for your SCIENCE FAIR on Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

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