Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay, so we have our FLEX groups MADE...ta-DA, TA-DA!!!  YAAAAAYAYAYAY!!!!  We are so thrilled to be getting into some normalcy and ending the chaos that ensued this past week.  Believe me, it was nuts!  But today, we practiced switching and practiced switching and then practiced again and again and again!  They were so bored with it by the time we were through with all the practicing but do you know what?  They have got. it. DOWNNNNN!!!  There will be NO worries and NO chaos tomorrow...sweet goodness!!!

We practiced our new rotations...going from homeroom to reading and then from reading to math and then from math to homeroom and back allllll over again.  Repeat process. 

We are going back to practice with 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication.  Students are still struggling with this concept and the main reason is THEY DO NOT KNOW THEIR BASIC FACTS.  Please, please, pleeeeeease practice them at home, on the way to practice or the grocery, in the car, while making dinner, in the bath, etc.!
HOMEWORK: complete 2-digit by 2-digit sheet

Ms. Frederick had the students work on liquids, gases, and solids and did experiments with balloons, a globe, a ball, and air freshner to observe moving particles.

We are working on adding details to support topics and the main idea of a writing piece.
HOMEWORK: complete 4-square organizer (opposite side from class) about "My favorite thing to do is..."

Have a Magnificent Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

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