Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Science Fair day, everyone!  I hope you had a tremendous weekend and are having a great start to your week!

Science Fair had students in and out all morning through our reading class time so we were only able to get to a small fraction of our activities that I had planned for us...booooo!  However, it was nice seeing the students so enthused and so proud of their work on their Science projects!
This week, we are continuing our focus upon nonfiction text structures but this week, our emphasis is on Comparing and Contrasting within an informational piece.  We first watched THIS VIDEO for students to think about the state in which they live (it was pretty sad when NONE...yes, NONE could identify the song playing the background...ahhhh!  But, that's a differet story, different day).  Next, they had to brainstorm how our state is different and similar to Florida.  Then, we learned about the different regions within our state (Kentucky has 5) and we live in the Bluegrass Region.  They read an article about our region and one about the Eastern Coalfields region and then had to compare and contrast the two regions.  I was also able to assign students to their reading groups that they'll be in for the next several weeks as they read their assigned chapter books.
HOMEWORK: Vocab words were passed out -> complete sheet with Exercises 1 & 2 (spelling and Vocab quizzes are THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 27th! - this is for MY class AND Mr. Harman's reading class!)  In Ms. Frederick's and Ms. Schrader's reading classes, please complete Exercise 1 for vocab words (YOUR TEST is ALSO this Friday, Jan. 27th!).  Bring word lists back to school each day!

**ALSO, read the "Matter" article and complete the organizer on the back which is comparing and contrasting the 3 states of matter.

**NOTE: each group member (Mrs. Thomas's reading) was given his/ her chapter book and a specific assignment for a role in the group.  These are due by Thursday and most students just have to read the first two chapters of their books and complete ONE role sheet.   

Our WOW! Words for this week (1.23.12 - 1.27.12) are:

Many students were in and out or gone for math too so we were unable to begin our new unit on Fractions...double boo.  We were supposed to go over tests but all of our class got a proficient or distinguished on the last assessment so I had them make up 5 division problems and 5 multiplication problems, solve them, and then pass to a neighbor to see if their neighbor can solve them.  They had a tremendous time!
HOMEWORK: make a list of things around the house containing fractions. 

PM activities:
I took Ms. Frederick's class and our class down to the Science Fair for the students to take a tour of everyone's awesome projects.  They were to look for their favorites and explain reasons as to why. 
CONGRATULATIONS to this year's project winners that will be going on to District at Bryan Station High School!!!! 
These winners are:
Chloe Land-Schrader’s class
Blake Brooks-Thomas’s class
Jaelyn Maloney-Schrader’s class
Brystal Hickey-Harman’s class
Raegan Redmon-Schrader’s class
Jeremiah Stokley-Thomas’s class
Nevaeh Belcher-Harman’s class
Melinda Lemons-McQuown’s class

Have an excellent night!
Mrs. Thomas

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