Thursday, January 19, 2012


Happy Thursday all!  This week has gone by SUUUUUUPER fast!  Maybe we need a 3-day weekend EVERY weekend?!?  Wouldn't that be nice!  Ha! 

It was orchestra and QUEST day, so we were short on friends the ENTIRE class...thus, we have deemed Thursday in MY reading class as "push yourself project day"!  It worked very effectively because students finished up any group work they did not get to complete during groups in the week and were able to excel with the skills of focus at their own pace and in the order of their choice.  Our '4' board in the hallway looks immaculate!  It shines with student excellence!  YAY!  We are stepping it UP, UP, UP next week...I have sooooo much planned for us and not because I want to be mean, it is because these students CAN handle it and will handle it...they are just doing so well with our content and I could not be more thrilled with their outstanding success!  We will be using words from Lesson 7 in the "Working with Words" vocabulary series if you would like to go ahead and scope them out tonight and over the weekend in preparation for next week (
HOMEWORK: none in ANY of the 4 classes.

In mine AND Ms. Frederick's math classes, we worked on reviewing division. 
HOMEWORK: MY math class must finish the "Long Division" worksheet with the FISH on it tonight.  Ms. Frederick's MUST finish the sheet I gave them to complete: Division Practice (A).  Whether the students have division completely D-O-W-N or not, they should still be practicing DAILY to ensure mastery and that it is an instinct, not just something they "maybe" can do at the moment.  Just because John Wall clearly has down basketball, does NOT mean he doesn't need to practice so I will make sure we are practicing even after we move onto fractions next week.

Our time in the afternoon today was spent practicing our Science Fair projects!  Administration has requested that we allow the students to practice so we homeroom teachers can give them time to rehearse their presentation of projects before the actual Science Fair on Monday when the judges will be here. We will be setting up our displays...TOMORROW!!!!!!!! The students did so well and I am so, so proud of them!

REMINDER: IF you have NOT turned in your project and the last components of it, it was due...ALREADY.  Get it in ASAP (like, TOMORROW)...the Science Fair is MONDAY and is MANDATORY.  Good Job to all of you who presented today!  Use my feedback as some notes to help you with what to include when you are officially judged on Monday.

Have a terrific Thursday!
Mrs. Thomas

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