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Happy Wednesday all, and HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY TO OUR JOHN!!!  We love, love, LOOOOOOOVE you and hope you had a sensational day entering the land of double digits...ahhh!!!!

We are continuing our focus upon nonfiction text structures in chronological order (sequence).  To begin, we put the steps of making a peanut butter and jelly in order based on clues in the sentence strips.  After that, we had some fun with THIS WEBSITE.  While it did not use informational (nonfiction) texts to put in order, it still was fun practice with using clues found in a text to regroup a story in the order in which it happened.  Next, (ooooo...see that "LINKING WORD" used there to let you know we're moving on to what we did next?!?) we read an article about a woman named Mary Draper Ingles who had quite a tumultuous life during the colonial days of our country, before it was an actualy country and before Kentucky was even a state.  This text was beneficial to use because it was not obvious in the way that it was laid out because there were no dates used to show the order of events in which they occurred.  Students had to use background knowledge of linking words and common sense to piece together events of your life.
Mary Draper Ingles.
After whole group reading instruction, students were able to get into reading groups to practice with rotations and completing tasks emphasizing the skills at hand.  Students had to: create a timeline of events in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life or Abraham Lincoln's, write diary entries from the standpoint of Dr. King or President Lincoln, and create a "string of events" timeline based on one of these two men's lives as well.  They are getting great practice with rotations and are having a great time completing various projects emphasizing our skill of focus.  I have no doubt we will be ready to get in our real groups and begin with chapter books next week!
HOMEWORK: complete two diary entries from the standpoint of the person of your choice based on significant events in his life.  How did he feel?  What was going through his mind?

We continued our focus upon perfecting our skills in dividing!  The students are getting much better and just like yesterday, we practiced, and practiced, and practice some more!  Practice makes perfect :)
In Ms. Frederick's math class, students worked on doing multiplication and division word problems.  They had to practice with identifying the method to be used and what the problem was asking them to do. 
MS. FREDERICK'S MATH CLASS HOMEWORK IS: complete problems from Division worksheet (in boxes)

MRS. THOMAS'S MATH CLASS HOMEWORK: Complete the last 8 (EIGHT) problems from Division C worksheet from last night.  Students MUST have this completed...we have worked so, so, soooooo much on this concept and many are simply giving up.  Thus, I will NOT accept students coming in and saying "they don't get it" as they need to struggle and bit and work through any issues - at this point, it will only HELP them to try and figure their way out of a situation in which they might be struggling.

Ms. Frederick had a unit test over matter for the students to take so we did not switch classes to give them adequate time for completion.
HOMEWORK: none - they had a test!

I as I mentioned before, we did not switch for writing to give the students adequate time for test completion over their matter unit!  I love seeing how well they do in Science on tests and with their vast's so fun!  I miss teaching Science :(
HOMEWORK: none, but please make sure you're finished with your haunted house vivid descriptions

Have you turned your report card envelope back in to me?  It MUST be signed and returned BY THIS FRIDAY!  Also, did YOU turn in your Science Fair project and board today?!?  It was due!  If not, it MUST BE TURNED IN BY TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Again, John...we LOVE you and hope you have a sensational time bowling tonight and celebrating your birthday!

For the rest of you, have a terrific night!  You make me smile every single day!
Mrs. Thomas

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