Friday, January 13, 2012

1.13.12's Friday the 13th!!!  And we had some luck (you can determine bad or good, based on your own opinion) with our one-hour delay this morning!  I must admit, it is difficult trudging to school when virtually every other county in the state is out, but I am glad we are here because I get to see my babes that brighten any day! 

Since we had an hour deducted off of our day, we spent our 2 hours in the morning in Reading.  First, we transitioned for a half an hour to review poetry concepts while I administered the Vocabulary test to my reading class.  Then, we came back to homerooms to take our final assessment over poetry and figurative languages.

Students got to work with the items they brought in for changes with Ms. Frederick.

Instead of writing today, I worked with both classes on math.  Mnay students reviewed multiplication while the others worked on division.

We do NOT have school on Monday, January 16th.  Enjoy your 3-day weekend!

Science Fair components of projects are due IMMEDIATELY.  I have a list of several students who are missing items, especially from this week's assignment which was the "Data Analysis, Results, and Conclusion" piece.  These must be turned in BY Tuesday if they were not turned in today.

Have a terrific 3-day weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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