Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I don't know what was in the water last night or in breakfast this morning, but our friends were CcRrAaZzYy today!  Literally.  After about 8:45 a.m., the talking was CONSTANT!  We had many redirections and much reteaching for this to deter the problematic behavior, but nothing stuck for too long!  I hope tomorrow is better!  I have started new behavior incentives with all students.  One being "classroom nation" - ask your student about this, or students: explain this to your parents...and the second being strikes.  Students each week are working to maintain expectations (not talking when teacher is talking, having materials ready, getting planner signed, etc.) in order to attend Lunch Bunch at the end of the week.  If a student earns 3 or more strikes against him/her, he/she will be having a silent lunch in the cafeteria on Fridays to reflect on choices made during the week while other enjoy lunch and a movie in our classroom.  I do this every year with my students and it usually is a great incentive and promotes working towards goals to meet expectations. 

Once again, we spent the day practicing expectations.

Our activities for the day (1-3-12) included:
practicing morning and dismissal procedures and routines
practicing substitute expectations and routines
taking a learning-style inventory to better tap into how the students enjoy to learn
completing a mind-set activity
practicing transition to teachers for reading math

On that note, students will now be transitioning into FLEX groups for reading and math instruction.  Our schedule is changing so that EVERY 4th grader can have reading and math instruction in the morning, while Science and Writing are moved to the afternoons.  For these first TWO WEEKS (and two weeks only) we will be doing a 3-way switch while Mrs. Butler's replacement, Mr. Harman, gets to know and gets familiarized with his new class of students. 

STARTING JANUARY 23rd, we will be completing a 4-WAY switch with ALL 4 TEACHERS.  Thus, your student may have two completely different teachers for reading and/ or math.  Stay in touch with your student about where they are transitioning and continue checking the blog and take-home folder for updates and news concerning these switches.  Students from our homeroom staying with ME for READING are: John, Hayden, Kiyah, Ashley, Lawrence, Jeremiah, Emilee, and Quayveon.  The only students staying with ME for MATH from our homeroom are:  Jeremiah, Warren, Ashley, Lawrence, Kiyah, Quayveon, John, Emilee, and Racari. 

I'm looking forward to working with all of our students in 4th grade!  And what a blast that will be for the students to interact academically with friends in other classes that they do not get to see as much!

Have a terrific night and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!  It's Amaan's birthday tomorrow, so Happy Birthday, Amaan!!!  We LOVE you!
Mrs. Thomas     

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