Thursday, March 12, 2015

3.12.15 - what day of school is it?

Okay, so somewhere along the lines of me bumping out for maternity leave and 234087.08 snow days, our numbers got completely off and I am TOTALLY in the dark as to what day number of school this is.  Patience friends, I'll figure it out!  Just know that that Spring Break is coming and the end is, scary scary near that I can't figure out how it went from August to now seemingly overnight and I'm questioning if time travel is real.
(Me! ^ )
aaaaanyway, We resumed with Terra Nova testing today immediately upon return from Mass.  The students completed Math part 2 and Language (my fave!).
How's this for a little #tbt?!?  I think we all feel this way right now :)
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN add and rename fractions with unlike denominators.
We continued our focus upon adding fractions with unlike denominators.  Students practiced with forcing the two fractions to have the same denominator by determining the LCM (which becomes the Lowest Common Denominator [LCD]).  Many are absolutely excelling with this concept, many still need much more practice, and many are just working it through.  I promise you: WE. WILL. GET. THERE.!  It has only been less than two lessons with this confusing concept so I do not expect perfection- I expect confusion and many questions, but I see that many get frustrated if they do not get it right out of the gate.  If everyone got things immediately, then I'd be out of a job!  We will continue working and working on this concept and I ask that you continue working at home.  Please do NOT expect perfection and please do NOT get frustrated if things are not already mastered as we haven't worked much on this at all just yet!  Practice makes perfect!
HOMEWORK: none (Terra Nova testing).  

I have SO many students that have checked out books from my library for our Book Madness Tournament (<--please click there!) and I am thrilled beyond belief!  Thank you for your interest and keep up the reading! Our first round of voting will be 2 weeks from today which is Thursday, March 26th.  I cannot wait to see what will be our 2015 Book of the Year!

Have a thrilling Thursday on this B-E-A-U-TIFUL Thurday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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