Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Happy Day!

We had our first full day of learning since Terra Nova testing and it was certainly nice being back in our regular rhythm of things!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN analyze identify, analyze, and describe elements of historical fiction
READING: The students had time for working on their historical fiction summative projects in class. These will be completed tomorrow IN CLASS!
HOMEWORK: read 30 minutes AND turn in your electronic device form if you wish to use yours in class on your project tomorrow.  Unit assessment is Friday
WRITING (I CAN identify memoir genre features): We reviewed the characteristics of a memoir and then used an example memoir to identify these features within the text.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN rename addition of 3 fractions.
We went over adding THREE fractions with unlike denominators.  Nothing is different from the process of addition of 2 fractions, except having to find the least common multiple between three numbers instead of just two.  The students were PHENOMENAL at catching onto this.  We also practiced with converting from an improper fraction to mixed number and from a mixed number back to an improper fraction.
HOMEWORK: complete workbook page 52 AND front and back of practice sheet (most got this all done in class).  PLAY PRACTICE PEEPS: you only have to do the odd numbers on the worksheet!

Since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year, of course I'm going to tie in some math!  Each student drew the name of a tournament team.  They are to watch the game of their team they drew tomorrow or Friday and come up with at least 10 fractions from the statistics of that game (if they cannot watch the game because of being in school, it being on too late, they're busy with something else, or they're watching another game, they can look up the stats from their team they drew).  Also, as an extra fun thing, if their team makes it to the final 4, they get a homework pass.  If their team makes it to the championship game, they get 2, and if their team wins, they get 3 homework passes! Woooo Hoooo!  Click HERE for a link for the tournament schedule/ game times.

Students reviewed their Science fair projects


Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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