Monday, March 23, 2015


Happy Monday!  Faaaaast weekend, yes?  Congrats to the Cards and the Cats on earning their way to the NCAA Sweet 16!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify the most important details and summarize the information in a text.
When you summarize information, you state its big ideas briefly in your own words.  A summary connects and sum up the important ideas from a text and gives the general idea, omitting most details. We worked on these concepts in finding the big idea and identifying key words and phrases in a text to help us discover the big ideas.  I displayed a painting of settlers moving to the west and modeled how I could note details to give a summary of the piece.  We then discussed how we note the big ideas and details and reduce them to the main points in creating a summary.  To practice finding big ideas in text, I gave the students 5 passages, each about a different superhero to choose from.  On the board, I modeled finding important details using the Superman article and then plugging that information into an organizer.  These are our big ideas and key details that we will in turn use to write a summary.

HOMEWORK: read TWO superhero passages and complete coinciding organizer.  

Because I'm nice, I have provided screenshots of each passage and its organizer below:

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN rename fraction differences.
In this lesson, the fractions presented have compatible unlike denominators- i.e., the denominator of one fraction is a multiple of the other denominator.  This means that the LCD of the two fractions is the greater denominator.  Subtracting fractions with compatible unlike denominators can be expressed in a variety of ways.  However, we will continue approaching the problems just as we did with addition: by finding the least common denominator.  Video from class HERE.

HOMEWORK: MATH 2 ONLY- complete workbook page 55 and worksheet given in class.  
ALL: Simple Solutions pages 20, 21, & 22 are due by Wednesday; 23 and 24 due by Friday.

Students worked on guided notes over cells.
HOMEWORK: test is Monday, March 30th.  Science Fair charts and graphs are due by Wednesday, but have them ready to work on during technology on resource day. 

Students worked on guided notes over Chapter 6, Lesson 3.
HOMEWORK: Test on Friday, March 27th

Students practiced lines for play.
HOMEWORK: Memorize lines; practice readings

Have a marvelous Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

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