Monday, March 30, 2015


Hellllloooo and Happy Monday! The sun is shining, the warmth of the weather is on the increase, and the CATS are still dancing!  Life is GOOD GRAND!
We had a busy day of learning as we begin the week before spring break.  Don't forget: Stations of the Cross is THIS FRIDAY, April 3rd at 1PM!  Our sweet 5th graders have been working so hard on making it a great performance- we hope you can make plans to attend!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify the most important details to summarize the information in a text.
Upon entry, students were given an "entrance slip" activity to assess summarization content knowledge.  They were asked to think of a predator, then make 4 notes about that predator.  They then created a summary statement about that predator and wrote a summary paragraph and turned it in for my quick comprehension check.  We then discussed upcoming 4-H speeches.  These are a mandatory assignment for an assessment (summative) grade.  Please review this packet with an adult and decide on a speech topic.  Finally, while I worked with small groups, students worked on their summary/ main idea packets and summarizing the fables posted around the room using only 4 words.
example of brainstorming organizer for speech (if we were to give one about 5th grade here at SMA)

HOMEWORK: 4-H Speech topic and blue organizer web due by Wednesday.  Complete summarizing packet except for test (last page)

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN rename fraction differences
We reviewed subtracting fractions and having to borrow from the whole number which is a different skill to grasp.  If you remember learning borrowing in basic subtraction and how that can be a difficult skill to tackle as a younger elementary student, imagine taking away from a whole number and making it into a fraction and redistributing that borrowed number in order to subtract.  It's crazy, but they're getting it!  We also worked on converting a mixed number to an improper fraction and back to a mixed number.
Finally, students were given class time to work on their textbook pages for homework and play games with a deck of cards to review fractions.
HOMEWORK: MATH 1 ONLY: workbook page 59
MATH 2 ONLY: complete textbook pages 192 and 194 (MATH 2 ONLY) AND subtraction of fractions test Wednesday; 
ALL: Simple Solutions #s 25. 26, 27, 28, and 29 due Friday with 25, 26, and 27 due Wednesday

Students took their summative assessment over cells and then worked on Monarch Butterfly projects with iPads.
HOMEWORK: Science display boards due by tomorrow

Class time was devoted to science assessment and Monarch projects.

Students had practice for Stations of the Cross play
HOMEWORK: practice readings and roles

Have a magnificent Monday!  Tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY AND our Holy Thursday service at church at 1PM.

Mrs. Thomas

And for my fellow CATS friends, here are some favorite photos from this weekend at the request of some of my esteemed 5th grade fan fanatic fellers:)
Love some KAT

Safety first!

that's right.   NOT. DONE.  2 more, people... TWO. MORE.

yes, it most definitely did.

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