Thursday, March 19, 2015


March MAAAAADNESS Day, party people!  My favorite time of year officially kicks into action today and I could not be more thrilled!!!  Blue fan, red fan...highlighter duck fan, I don't care...join me in giving a hoooooo-RAAAAHHHH in the infectious spirit of this sensational time of year!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN analyze identify, analyze, and describe elements of historical fiction
READING: The students had time for working on their historical fiction summative projects in class. These will be completed tomorrow IN CLASS!
HOMEWORK: read 30 minutes; Unit assessment is TOMORROW
WRITING (I CAN identify memoir genre features): We reviewed the characteristics of a memoir and then used an example memoir to identify these features within the text.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN add mixed numbers with like and  unlike denominators.
Students who know how to add fractions and whole numbers should have little difficulty adding mixed numbers.  We practiced with this concept!
HOMEWORK: Workbook page, 53; practice packet, front and back of top page

Students went over guided notes for cells.
HOMEWORK: assignment on Edmodo (screenshots) due tomorrow; Data graphs and charts for Science fair due by NEXT Wednesday 3.25.15.  Science test next Thursday.

Students took their test over Chapter 6, Lessons 1-2.
HOMEWORK: Test over Lesson 3 sometime next week!

Students had play practice
HOMEWORK: none- work on lines and reading, if applicable

UK plays tonight at 9:40.  Something tells me A LOT of caffeine is in my (and the rest of KY's future Friday) IF I actually make it through the entire game (some sweet little newborn kid makes this mama craaaazy tired and I rarely make it past 8:30PM).  I know many of you do not care and most of my babies better not be up that late throughout the entire game, but CLICK HERE for a super FUN UK Bingo activity board to play along with the games.  Like, WOW, I love it... SO FUN.  We WILL be playing along during Saturday's game (pending a win tonight, fingers crossed!).
Here is the board, but the link above is the board from a download :)
Since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year, of course I'm going to tie in some math!  Each student drew the name of a tournament team.  They are to watch the game of their team they drew tomorrow or Friday and come up with at least 10 fractions from the statistics of that game (if they cannot watch the game because of being in school, it being on too late, they're busy with something else, or they're watching another game, they can look up the stats from their team they drew).  Also, as an extra fun thing, if their team makes it to the final 4, they get a homework pass.  If their team makes it to the championship game, they get 2, and if their team wins, they get 3 homework passes! Woooo Hoooo!  Click HERE for a link for the tournament schedule/ game times.

Have a sensational night and GO CATS!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., PLEASE see our note about PLAY PRACTICE shown below:

Parents, we wanted to share how we will be holding play practice over the next 2 weeks.  In order for our students to not miss any core content, Mrs. Schleg and I will be both teaching math on Thursday, today.  Mrs. Schleg will teach my lesson today.  Our schedule will be as follows in order keep from interrupting core content as much as possible. 

Thursday (today): Both Mrs. Schleg and I taught math (she followed my lesson plans for today)
Mar. 24 play practice – resource day
Mar. 27 Both Mrs. Schleg and I will teach math (she is following my lesson plans)
Mar. 30 Play practice only during Religion classes

Mar. 31 Play practice – resource day

Our Ellen Degeneres-esque selfie

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