Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day Tuesday, oh friends o'mine!  
I hope you're well!  We FINISHED TERRA NOVA TESTING THIS MORNING!!!  Woooooo HOOOOOOO!!!  I am so very proud of our sweet kiddos and how well and how hard they worked!
It was RESOURCE DAY upon testing completion.  The students also got to see a special Irish Dancing performance after Library time.
A few notes...
READING: I posted the 3 different Activity menus for Historical Fiction Tic-Tac-Toe on Edmodo.  Screenshots are also shown below.  Please note: these are just for your perusing and reference so that you may decide upon your board and then determine the three activities in which you will be completing HERE AT SCHOOL.  Please bring in any materials you think you may need for working in class.  

WRITING: During the time I give you to work on projects, I will also be pulling small groups and we will continue our focus upon Memoirs.  Please make sure you have your timelines with you for our memoir focus tomorrow at the completion of reading groups and projects.  

HOMEWORK: Please make sure you have completed LESSONS 15 and 16 from Simple Solutions. We will be checking them at the beginning of class tomorrow.  

While NCAA March Madness begins this Thursday (GO CATS), the Tournament of Books starts with the Sweet 16 so our voting does not begin until NEXT Thursday, March 26th.  This means you have 8-9 more days to get some reading in.  Now, I have heard many of you students moaning and groaning about "oh my goodness, I have to read a BOOK...can you believe I have to READ?!?  UGH."  Seriously, people?  I have many a'thought on these sentiments...

1) you've had virtually NO homework for the past 2 weeks;
2) This is meant to be fun
3) You've read several of these books already
4) This is meant to be fun
5) I AM your Language Arts teacher...you really want to go there?!?
6) This is meant to be fun
7) Yes, I provided the SparkNotes, but simply reading them and ONLY them is NOT reading a book- I said you could do that with 1 or 2 that you couldn't fit in.  NOT ALL SIXTEEN.  How can you voice your opinion if you have not read a book?  You have no stake in the matter.  That's like someone saying they hate you without meeting you.  Is that fair?  Absolutely NOT!  So why would it be feasible for this?
8) You are supposed to read 30 minutes a night anyway...does anyone else already believe this is far too little and not challenging enough?  
9) Did I mention this is meant to be fun?!?  

C'mon people...you're in 5TH GRADE!  5th graders are SUPPOSED to read!  Now, with all that said... 


Please and thank you (looooove you!).  Oh, and HAVE FUN. 

April 6th-10th

April 2nd

April 3rd

Wed. April 1st

Have a terrific Tuesday! 
Mrs. Thomas

CHICK-FIL-A Day for SMA is tomorrow March 18th
Coupons needed ^
FREE DRESS DAY: The eighth grade students asked if they could do a small fundraiser for their class trip. Each month, we will be offering a Free Dress Day for $1.00 to the students at SMA. This is optional, not mandatory. It is a way for our eighth graders to earn a little extra money to cover some of the expenses of their trip.

The Free Dress Day for March is Friday. March 20th (by the way it will be a different day of the week each month). On Friday, if our 5th graders want to participate, have them bring a dollar to school that morning. There will be eighth graders at the doors to collect the money. Thank you in advance for supporting our young leaders!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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