Thursday, January 13, 2011


Welcome back my Snow Bunnies!!!  I have to admit, I really love me some snow days, but I also cannot deny how very, very much I missed your sweet, caring, animated faces!  Your smiles light up my life!  Words cannot adequately express, how heavy my heart is with pride for all of you...your success on your MAP scores today and Monday, and your Brazilian animal projects have made me one very, very proud and happy wait, I'm downright ECSTATIC!!!  Parents, come in and see these AMAZING projects for yourself...they really are incredible!!!  Since it takes so long to upload them, I will update a few videos everyday until everyone's is uploaded (the ones in which I have permission) for your viewing pleasure.  I promise, it is worth your while to watch them...these are by far, the BEST projects I have EVER received from my students!

Today, we began our day watching presentations.  Next, it was time for our Reading MAP tests.  Our students are scoring through the roof!!  Some BIG gainers today were: Cameron, Jazzy, Tabi, Alonna, Eva, Skyla, and AbbyLou.  

Next, we had lunch and FREEZE DANCE!  It brings me so much joy to be able to dance and have some fun-filled movement with the students...especially doing 'tha Dougie'!!  My Reading class, DO NOT FORGET: your spelling packets are due tomorrow!  Study those words to ace your test!

Finally, we watched more presentations as we were: excited to see Anthony's stingray, awed by Micah's and TJ's jaguars, mesmerized by Cameron, Oliver, and Alonna's posters, illuminated by Tabi's and Maddy's dolphin models, enlightened by Aiden's and Peyton's armadillos, delighted with Caroline's and Jazzy's whale models, thrilled with Griffen's colorful poster and awesome tree frog,  and absolutely WOWED by Alyssa's beautiful and lifelike pair of Blue Macaws!!!

You all make my heart spill with pride and I am more than CRAZY about YOU!!!
Mrs. Thomas

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