Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Happy "wintry" Wednesday, folks!  We're here...some may not be the happiest about it, but we're here nonetheless and we all made it safe (Thank goodness!).  I'm happy to have gotten to spend the day with my favorite 8 and 9 year olds and get caught up on our learning!

I was very excited for all the students that brought in an advertisements per our assignment!  I was a bit disappointed that we had over 5 students who did not, but those who did were able to participate in our activity and are doing a TREMENDOUS job!  Students were put into groups and each group was to create an informational 'ad' of their own, educating their readers about the different types of persuasion and clue words used to persuade readers.  One group used the theme of "schooling" their readers and centered everything around a "school" of fish...SOOOOO creative and very, very cool!  
Homework is working on your spelling packet and studying your words for your Lesson 11 test.
**ALSO, Fluency folders will be coming home.  Please reread the passage with an adult and send back by Friday.  There is a letter in the front cover that explains this concept.** 

this is the "school" of persuasion group...SO clever!!!
See the 'advertisement crab'?!?
**They used an advertisment they found and made it into a crab!**

Per usual, we took our 90-second timed multiplication test and we now have 6 people moving on to level 2!  Waaaa hoooooo!!!  We reviewed our homework from the workbook and skills for multi-digit multiplication.
Homework is taking a 90-second timed multiplication quiz with an adult.

PM activities:
We had guidance and worked on January's on-demand prompt.  Remember, tomorrow is Mrs. Betty Sutton's last day  :o(

Have a SAFE and happy night!
Mrs. Thomas

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