Saturday, January 15, 2011

Look where I went today...

Kenneth and me after his GREAT game against Griffen's team
Yesterday, Kenneth and Griffen asked me to attend their basketball game because their teams would be facing off against each other.  When I arrived, I saw that Daniel and another cutie from our class's (anonymous student) team was also playing on the other end of the it was a 4 for 1 experience and I had a GREAT time!!!  All boys were FANTASTIC and I was super impressed!  Kenneth's team won and it was in large part because of him; he had at least 10-12 points and 4 rebounds alone...GO KENNETH!!!  I'm so proud of all my boys and I can't wait to go again! I also got videos...will post them soon!
Note: These may not the best quality, but I accidentally broke my camera (of course I would...I'm a klutz) so my iPhone is all I have for snappin' pics right now. 
Daniel and our anonymous student 

looks like somebody needed a little rest :)

Griffen (#23) and Kenneth (#12) facing off

Griffen on the offense
the boys facing off again

Kenneth getting the ball in :)
Griffen getting the ball in :) are the rest of the Winter party pics that I have!  Like I mentioned before, these may not the best quality, but they are still precious photos of our fantastic, photogenic friends.  I mean, with our kiddos, how could they possibly be anything less than wonderful?!?  :)

Caroline and I are SASSY in our owl jammies!!

Ohhhhh My!!! Look at ALL the OWLS!!!
L-O-V-E my girls!!!  They light up my life :)
1, 2, 3, 4...we LOVE owls GALORE!

"Tabi-Cat" and "LoLo" looking so precious as they make their snowy globes!

Alyssa and Micah at the craft station
Such cutie-pies!
Maddy enjoying some treats!

apparently the cookies were super yummy in Eva's tummy!
...she makes my heart smile :)
FANTASTIC Miss Elise with our Bob at the Girls on the Run marathon!  We are SO proud of you, Elise, and Bob had a blast cheering on you, Caroline, Lauren, and Eva!

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  1. Love the photos! So cool you went to the Upwards games.