Thursday, January 20, 2011


Since the completion of MAP testing, we 3rd grade teachers (5 of us total...3 in A-complex and 2 in G) have been working around the clock, analyzing your student's successes and progress with his/her content knowledge in reading.  To ensure your child gets the most specific and focused instruction catered to his/her individual learning style and reading level, we are grouping ALL students by similarities found in their results from these tests and progress in this subject up to this point in the school year.  Your child's success is our ultimate concern.  Many students in my reading class will stay right where they are with me, OR simply go next door to Mrs. Ingold.  The exciting part, is that the students will get to interact with all students in 3rd grade!  In our reading class, we are getting about 10-14 students from A-complex and the same (if not more) can be said for Mrs. it is really a great thing to see that everyone will get to experience time with friends from the other side of the building.  If your child is switching teachers, you will receive a note from that teacher as he/she begins with her.  I will also be sending home information to parents about my reading class so those that are not knowledgeable about our procedures and schedule can become acquainted with how our day goes.  Our reading class really is a fun time and students have grown and progressed so well!

At the start of our 'new' class on Tuesday, I will be having our entire group reading the same chapter book, The Courage of Sarah Noble, to get students introduced and/or re-familiarized with my expectations and the process of our reading groups.  This book is merely a kind of 'starter' book, meant for us to practice and get adjusted to the expectations and roles of a Literature Circle group (very similar to a Book Club that you may be part of as an adult).  Learning is very much a social 'game' (especially at this age) and is enhanced through discovery based experiences.  I love seeing the students being personally accountable for their roles in the group and discussing topics from the books that speak to them as they are reading; it's amazing the connections they make and what each student can take from the book!
After the first week of practice with our 'starter' book, each group (of 5-6 students) will have their own chapter book that is aligned with their reading Lexile levels that they will use for their Literature Circles.  Typically, they are to read at least a chapter a night.  

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email ( or call me (GSE: 859.381.3388).  I will be happy to speak with you or schedule a conference.  I am so excited about what's to come for the remainder of this semester and I cannot wait to challenge and (hopefully!) enrich your student!  Making reading fun, enriching your student, and seeing that each student continues to progress and see success with the content are my goals.  Continue to check our blog daily as I love to post about class happenings so you can feel as if you are a part of our day, answer any questions that arise, and be alert to assignments and the content at hand.

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