Thursday, January 20, 2011

1.20.11 - an Early Dismissal Day!

Bob needed a snack :)
Winter Weather blasts us AGAIN!!!  Thank you EVERYONE for making a day that typically would be stressful, hectic, chaotic, a circus (yadi, yadi yada), etc... into a day that went smoothly and perfectly!  I know that it is far from convenient to experience a change in schedule, but I am grateful to everyone for making today go off without a hitch!  You are all so fantastic and I am the luckiest teacher in the world!

Guess what I have today?!?  Pictures of Bob on his trip over winter break to Florida with Elise!  He is a well traveled guy and as you can see from the magnificent pictures, he absolutely had a BLAST!

Guess where Bob is?!?  

He LOVED the Gulf :)
surfin' U-S-A!
We were able to get in our core subjects this morning and right on time...which makes me feel better on us slowly getting caught up in our content areas.  

As I mentioned in my post from Tuesday (1.18.11), we are studying the different structures of informational texts.  This week, we have been focusing on sequential structure and how these texts are laid out.  Identifying the signal words can clue us into the specific structure and enhance our understanding of the topic/ content at hand.  Students were able to get in their reading groups and work on completing their novel ties for their group's chapter book as well as read the story from our Treasures book that focuses on the sequential text structure.  
Homework is completing spelling packets and preparing for our test tomorrow.

Bob made some friends!
We continued working on the concepts we began at the beginning of this week (commutative property of multiplication, fact families, and multi-digit multiplication).  Quizzes will be coming home NIGHTLY.  Please take about 10 minutes a night to work on multiplication.  Each quiz has at least 45 problems.  Students have ONLY 90 seconds to complete the quiz.  Circle any problems incomplete or incorrect and review all.  Repetition promotes fluency.  Not knowing the basic multiplication facts IS DETRIMENTAL to future success and progression with the rest of our content from this point.  THEY MUST BE MASTERED.
Homework is the 90-second timed multiplication quiz.  We already have one student moving on from level 1, I cannot wait to have more and am confident many will by tomorrow if not the start of next week!

During recess, we received word of early dismissal and things transitioned well from there.  Again, thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and flexibility!  

Bob is a beach lover!
I leave you with more pictures of Bob and Elise.  Please be sure to stay tuned to the latest weather updates and information as well as check in with the news, our blog, or Fayette County's website, Facebook page, or Twitter to monitor closings and/or delays.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns...EMAIL ME (I also like emails over the weekends or breaks of you telling me what you're up to!).

Stay warm and if I don't see you tomorrow, get out and enjoy the snow!  If you do get to get outside and play in the snow, please take pictures and send them to me so I can put them on the blog...I L-O-V-E, LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE seeing your pictures and so do your peers!!!

Mrs. Thomas
en route and on a mission!
Elise and her look-alike on her Birthday!!

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