Thursday, January 6, 2011

1.6.11 - WOW!!! What a GREAT Birthday!!! ALLLLLL I keep repeating!!!  My birthday today was the absolute BEST I have EVER had!!!  I have never felt sooooo loved!!!  First, I came in to a dark room packed with over 60 third and 5th grade students waiting to, "SURPRISE!!!!" me!  Then, I was presented with cards, gifts, and love, love, looooove!!!  It really had just been THE MOST special day ever and I am so very appreciative!  Thank you everyone for being so amazing and making me feel so wonderful!  And to my former students (the now 'Big 5th graders'), I miss you so much and I am so grateful that I got to experience time with each of you.  You are all amazing and I am touched that you were so thoughtful today!  Geez, I sure am a lucky, lucky gal!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow (yes, TOMORROW - FRIDAY), January 7th, is PAJAMA DAY for ours and Mrs. Ingold's wear those jammies and scoot on in for an added treat to our Winter Party Day!

**ALSO, TOMORROW is our Winter Party at 1:30PM!  Do NOT forget your present for the White Elephant.**
Now, onto our day...
Writing/ Reading:
The students who did not get a '4' the first time on their ORQs rewrote them to get a '4'...and they were FANTASTIC!  Super job, friends!  As students got finished, they chose a spelling activity from the 'Think-Tac-Toe' cards to practice their words for this week.
Once everyone was finished with the ORQ, we played a game called "Hidden Hints" that is a lot like Clue, but for was a lot of fun!!  Remember, tomorrow is your spelling test and your Lesson 8 packets are due.

We took our quiz over the 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, & 11s, and they pretty much ROCKED the house on them!  Awesome job, guys!!  Next, we had writing prompts centered on math topics.  Homework tonight is studying the sets of 2s through 4s ARE included in those!  Also, your last sets of multiplication cards are due by tomorrow!

After Lunch:
We had Guidance and then played two math games that are favorites and regulars within my math class: 'Sum-it-up' and 'What's the Difference?'. 

Again, I have NEVER felt more special on my birthday!  Thank you again to everyone for making my day so wonderful!  You are all extraordinary!
Mrs. Thomas

it may snow sure and check the news tomorrow (just in case!)

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