Friday, January 14, 2011

1.14.11 - a CcRrAaZzYy Day!!


Maybe it was just me, but this day seemed to be absolutely FILLED with things that needed to get done...WOWee!!!!  We started the day by brainstorming and writing 25 random facts about ourselves which I think is a fun and unique activity when you hear the unusual tidbits about others.  For instance, I think that microwave minutes seem longer than 'normal' minutes, or that life would be easier if you could just ride around in 'Cash Cab' all day, or I can curl my tongue into a weird squiggle, or the fact that I sleep with my blankie (yes...still!). 

Next, we had to take our Math "Halftime Reports" (Learning Checks from Fayette County), which took up most of the morning.  We did have time to switch to our Reading classes to take our spelling tests.  I haven't graded them yet, but I cannot wait to see how many people nailed our WOW words!!!

Most of us got to have Lunch Bunch today and Mrs. Weiler brought in her homemade yummy lemonade cupcakes for Elise's birthday...they were SOOOO good!!!  After lunch, we were even able to go for a walk outside and get some fresh, crisp, winter air.  Finally, we finished our day with more animal project presentations.  They were absolutely fantastic and I continue to be wowed by all!

REMEMBER: NO SCHOOL on Monday as we are off in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a GREAT three day weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S. If you bring back your signed report card envelope on Tuesday, you get a treat!

Also, here are some pics from our winter party (just a few, I'll add more over the weekend, along with more of our animal project videos)...
Ahmad and his cute!!!

'AbbyLou' and her reindeer cookie

Cayden reeeaally enjoyed his cookie :)

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