Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Welcome BAAAACK!!


Today, we finally got to be back and get into our routines (well, for the most part...), BUT.... Mrs. Hawthorne is very ill so we did not switch to our new reading classes and most likely will not until Monday.

We took our Lesson 10 Spelling test and our scores were exponentially better than last week's!  Way to go, friends!  I passed out Lesson 11 packets.  Those are due by Friday when we take our test.  Today, we learned about the persuasive form of informational texts and the different persuasive techinques.  We looked at presidential advertisements and campaign buttons as examples to determine if they were" Bandwagon, Flattery, Promising, or Exaggeration forms of persuasion. 
HOMEWORK is working on Lesson 11 spelling packets AND bringing in an example advertisement from the newspaper, a magazine, printed from online, or another form of printed ads.

We took our multiplication quiz.  SEVERAL people did not have theirs from last week.  Regardless of a snow day or not, ALL homework is to be completed and returned upon the next school day.  Additional time WILL NOT be given to any homework assignments or other tasks assigned to be completed at home.  The only assignments that will postponed or extended are projects we work on in class.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
HOMEWORK is WORKBOOK pages 121 through 124.  ALSO, take your timed multiplication quiz with an adult at home (90 seconds).  Circle all incomplete or missed problems, write the total number correct and completed at the top, and have that adult sign the completed quiz for full credit.

This afternoon, we worked on cards in honor of Mrs. Betty Sutton who is retiring this month from her services in the Library with Ms. Castle.  We will miss her so much and are incredibly appreciative of her gracious, generous, selfless, encouraging, and diligent service to us here at GSE.  She is so charming, charismatic, and gracious, and GSE is a better place because of her!

Let's PLEASE hope that the "talking bugs" come and nibble away our excessive talking urges tonight in our sleep and we come back tomorrow ready to work without the extra noise!
Mrs. Thomas

PS, DO NOT forget to watch the news about weather and school closings and delays updates.

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