Thursday, January 20, 2011

NO school - Friday (January 21st, 2011)

NO school TOMORROW (Friday, January 21)!  Enjoy another long weekend!  Do me a favor, though?!?  Please, please, PLEASE practice your multiplication facts!

IF and WHEN you get out and play in the snow, PLEASE (pretty please with sugar on top?!?) snap some pics and send them to me so I can put them here on our blog!
Your friends and I want to see pics of you, if you do this!
P.S., there are THREE new posts below...please be sure to check them all out as they contain important information (especially the last post about NEW reading classes!).  
NEW SURVEY!!!  See it below and VOTE!  I am anxious to see the results!  Also, I added a new element, entitled, "Popular Posts" so you can check out which posts of ours have generated the most attention and interest.

Have a happy, safe, and warm weekend!  Are you getting 'cabin fever' yet?!?  While I love a good snow day, I love summer more!  Plus, I am getting kind of 'antsy' at about YOU?!?
Mrs. Thomas

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