Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Welcome back after an extended weekend, my friends!  I hope you were able to spend some extra quality time with your loved ones :)
Today was fantastic because we were FINALLY able to get back to some "normal" routines and follow our "normal" schedule...whewwww!! 

We began studying informational text structures.  We already know that informational texts are texts in which we obtain facts and learn from, but we did not know that this genre of texts has specific ways in which it may be laid out: Descriptive, Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, or Chronologial Sequence.  Recognizing the characteristics of each structure can enhance our comprehension of the text and further our understanding of the topic at hand.  Our structure we are focusing upon this week is chronological sequence.  This happens to be one of the easiest structures to point out because it is one in which we recognize most often through high frequency signal words that 'clue us in'.  Words such as: first, next, last, finally, furthermore, after, to begin, third, additionally, meanwhile, etc...can signal to us that a text is laid out in the order in which events should or could happen.  Most Social Studies books are laid out in this way.  We made a timeline to recognize that our lives happen in chronological sequence.  We were even able to get in our groups and switch to our different stations.  
Homework is working on your SPELLING PACKETS which are due by Friday.  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY your words...I want waaaay more 100%s this week than we had last week!

We began using our basic multiplication facts to look at fact families and patterns in multiplying.  If you know your basic facts, moving on through fact families and two-digit multiplication is a breeze!  Upon watching the students today, it became obvious that most do not know their facts.  Therefore, we will be having a daily timed test.  Today, we began our timed test (40 problems and 90 seconds to complete them) and all but one or two students got at least 20 completed.  Students will only be allowed to drop their two lowest quiz grades so we mean business about studying those facts as much as possible!
Homework: study multiplication quiz from today with an adult at home.  Then, have someone at home time you for 90 seconds as you take a new quiz.  Pratice missed and incomplete problems again.  We will be taking this quiz again tomorrow. **ALSO, you MUST complete pages 119 and 120 in your WORKBOOKS.

We were only able to see two more projects so Elise and Cayden will round up our presentations at the start of the day tomorrow. 

Have a terrific Tuesday evening
Mrs. Thomas

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